February 10, 2016

The Daily Buzz – “Anthem” (Full Generic) from The Daily Buzz on Vimeo.

Orlando (Oly) and Johnathan (Jae Pezz) and Josh (Jus J) make up the vocal group F.A.M. (Friendship and Music.) These talented fellas love to make music and love to perform, but it’s much more than that…. they’re creating a movement; uniting different cultures across the country and people of all ages through their friendship AND music! We’ve joined the movement and we hope you do to!

New Single Is Out!

Their latest single, “Secrets” is on ITunes…. and you can call your favorite radio station and request it, too!

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Live Performances

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Facebook: facebook.com/ourfamlife
Twitter: @OurFamLife
Instagram: @instafamlife

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