February 10, 2016

Many of our loyal viewers turned on their televisions this morning, and for a moment might’ve thought they were on the wrong channel. If you had no idea that these changes were coming, it must have looked like a surreal alternate-universe version of The Daily Buzz.

We’ve been making the transition to the new look for the past several weeks, and have throughout the process went from delivering subtle hints to eventually dropping major bombshells as each of the former hosts departed. Though if you can’t watch everyday, or follow the stream on Facebook then all of these major changes seem even more sweeping and unjustified.

Anyway, now that I’ve done a little setup, let’s get right to the question at hand: Where are Mitch, Andrea, Andy and Kia?
People start new jobs, contracts expire, viewing trends change. Without getting into all the politics and meta examination of the TV business, the best answer is they have “moved on.” There’s no answer that will satisfy everyone.

They go on to host new shows, like Andrea Jackson is doing with our step-sister show Life Love Shopping on We-tv. Maybe they follow their passions, just like Kia Malone is doing with her competitive ballroom dancing, or Mitch is doing with his “Tech Expert” segments which he’ll be doing all over the country (and likely on the show). And undoubtedly they’ll show up in other awesome TV places, which I know is certainly the case with Andy Campbell.

I know that the show’s viewers have enjoyed watching them – for years – which has made the transition even more jarring. Believe me, it’s also quite weird around here without the folks that we’ve worked, played, and drank with over the years. Though, it has been nice that Andy hasn’t been leaving half-eaten donuts and cookies at the breakfast station.


I’ve seen a ton of comments and email from viewers stating that they won’t watch the show because of the new crew. I totally get it. They tuned in each day to watch the funny stuff from Mitch and the gang, and it’s what people have come to expect from The Daily Buzz.

I can tell you that after working with the new gang for the past month, I already know that they’re fun, clever, and entertaining. They’ve got a tough act to follow, but they’re up to the challenge. You have to get to know them, just as you did with the old hosts (and when each of them were starting here, they all got similar criticisms that we’re reading today).

The core values of the show we produce hasn’t changed. Our writers and producers are still bringing The Daily Buzz attitude and flavor to everything we produce. We love working on the show and don’t plan on giving up on it anytime soon.

No matter who is on the screen, The Daily Buzz is still the last, best hope for peace in the galaxy.

UPDATE: Just so we’re all clear here…I’m not in charge of the show.