October 23, 2014

Texan Risks Spreading Ebola?

Everyday, hundreds of flights carry hundreds of passengers to hundreds of places. This is usually considered a well protected environment. Flying even ranks above cars as one the safest and quickest ways to travel. But what if flying wasn’t as safe as we once thought?   According to CNN Health, on October 10, Healthcare worker 29-year old Amber Vinson, was traveling From Dallas-Fort Worth Texas, to ...

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Top 5 Social Media: Tennis Player Dance Off, Anchor Video Bomb and more

Top 5 Social: 1. Epic tennis court dance off between two of the most entertaining players right now! That’s Gael Monfils and Laurent Lokoli turned up for what? This went down during French Open kids day. So far this video has over 1 million views. 2. This is ABC 27 anchor Dave Marcheskie, reporting live from the victory party of Pennsylvania Representative Patty Kim. Nothing ...

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