February 8, 2016

“In the news industry I am like Anderson Cooper, if he was straight, funny and not creditable (or from a wealthy family)”

Mark Payton is a television host, multi-media reporter and producer with demonstrated expertise in business, marketing, and social media. He reports hard news with authority. He tells quirky stories that can make you laugh out loud. His comic timing is no accident. Payton honed his naturally quick and acerbic wit by doing “Improv” comedy with Chicago’s legendary Second City. He delivered zingers with a smile when hosting an entertainment show in the Windy City. He expanded his range further by covering breaking national and international news as an Anchor/Correspondent for OneMinuteNews.com—a new media company that streams news analyses, commentary and satire on the web for a global audience. Payton is “triple threat” off-camera, too. He shoots and writes his own stories, and then edits them on Final Cut Pro. He knows business, which is especially relevant at a time when volatility in the global economy continues to make front page news. His business knowledge is grounded in real world experience. Having earned an MBA, he held several executive positions in business development and marketing, in healthcare information technology, revenue cycle management and media.