August 21, 2014

Every year, women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products.  If they like to make multiple trips to beauty salons a month, it could easily add up to more than $30,000 over a decade.  Here’s how you can look hot and keep your money in your wallet.

1. Straight out of the fridge.

Make yourself some homemade facial scrub.  All you need is sugar, olive oil and lemon juice.  Mix the ingredients together and let them soak for 30 minutes.  Use cotton balls to remove black heads on your face or get rid of dry patches on your feet and elbows.

You can also use yogurt to make homemade facial mask. All you need is a pack of yogurt you already have in your fridge.Add honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice to moisturize and give Vitamin C to your skin.  This mask is not only natural but could also save you hundreds of dollars from going to a beauty salon.  *It’s important to use plain yogurt instead of reduced-fat or non-fat yogurt.

2. Stuff in your medicine cabinet

Baby oil is not just for babies.  You can replaced your shaving cream with baby oil.  It moisturizes your skin and helps the shaving experience a lot easier and smoother.  More importantly, you can’t beat the price.  A tiny bottle of shaving cream could cost you $5 to $8 dollars. Instead, buy a bottle of baby oil for $3.  Save money and have silky, smooth legs.

Petroleum jelly is also a helpful way to keep up with your beauty needs as well as to save money.  Its concentration of moisture allows it to be a substitute for eye cream or foot cream.  Even celebs like Jennifer Aniston also lives by petroleum jelly to help reduce wrinkles under your eyes. A jar of petroleum jelly is about $3 to $8 depending on the size.  But if you purchase eye cream separately, it could cost you $20 or more.  For example, big brands like La Mer sell their specialty eye creams for $200 to $300.  Save that money and turn to petroleum jelly.

3. Rent instead of buying

Who has money and time to buy designer dresses and bags for every special occasion? Instead of spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on those fancy fashion items, go to the Websites where you can rent them for a temporary or long-term use.

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