February 6, 2016

“I don’t read the instructions but I will ask for directions. Instructions have no personality.”

LANCE SMITH is most widely known as the “face of CMT”. A Nashville native, Smith spent his early adulthood pursuing a career in acting and landing lead roles in various country music videos. Shortly thereafter he moved to Los Angeles to take the dream higher. His stint there, however, would be short lived when, in 2000, he landed a unique position on one the highest grossing music tours in the country, the Dixie Chicks’ Fly tour. In front of an average 15,000 people a night, for 92 shows, Smith was part of a two-man crew performing a high energy, interactive warm-up act between the show’s opener and the headliner. This experience would ultimately lead him back to his roots in Nashville by catching the eyes of executives at Country Music Television. MTV’s takeover of the country music video channel provided an opportunity that would make Lance Smith a household name with a broad, middle-America audience. In May of 2001 Smith became the network’s first ever “VJ”, hosting a TRL spinoff style show, Most Wanted Live. The gig was live every afternoon in front of the nation and at just 22, Smith quickly learned the television and entertainment industry ropes. Eventually the network made a change and handed him the keys to one of their staple programs, CMT’s Top 20 Countdown.
419 episodes later and nearly a decade down the road, Smith had a lot to look back on (including meeting his wife, Carrie at the channel!). Along with hosting many other shows for the network, like Fremantle’s Can You Duet and dozens of live red carpet specials, he also had the opportunity to take part in film roles in movies such as Larry the Cable Guy’s: Health Inspector and Delta Farce. In 2008 Smith also released a children’s book entitled The Old Man and the Cat and was invited to the set of Good Morning America to chat with show host Robin Roberts to promote the project. At the beginning of 2010, after a long career at CMT, Smith decided to make a change. Being a personality was only ever a small part of what Lance Smith brings to the table. After years of building a strong and loyal fan base, Smith left his position at CMT in the hopes that his fans will follow to wherever his talents are needed. Today, he brings his unique talents and personality to a wide variety of television programming and beyond.