February 12, 2016

gossip girl cw finale series

After 6 years of love, sex, and scandal on the upper east side, Gossip Girl is over. The CW did a bang up job on the series finale; giving loyal viewers an hour of behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast before hurling us into a phenomenal final show. The clothes were more fab then ever, the suspense just as thrilling, and the ending set to the tune of a modern day fairytale. So what happened exactly? Check out a clip and synopsis below.

So here’s the cliff notes version of what went down:

Serena read Dan’s “real” chapter about how he felt about her, and they got back together. Blair and Chuck have Georgina and Jack Bass help hide them from the cops while they get married (at the Warhol exhibit). ┬áBlair’s dress is a brilliant blue by the way. As soon as they say, “I Do,” cops drag Chuck away for questioning about his father’s death, but Cyrus proves they have no evidence, and he’s let go. Lily comes back after Bart’s death and who’s arms does she run into? Of course: Willaim Van Der Woodsen’s. Ivy tries to tell Lily about their secret love affair and William denies the entire thing (crazy, right?!). Now that Bart is dead, Nate’s name is the only one on the loan (whew!). To help him get his magazine back together, Dan gives Nate his last, final, hottest chapter yet: admitting that he is indeed Gossip Girl. Explanation: When Dan realized he would never be accepted into “their world” he decided to write his way into it as “Lonely Boy.” I know. Genius! Rufus confronts Dan about posting about how Little J lost her virginity to Chuck. Turns out Jenny asked him to! She knew it would be the only way her Dad would let her leave! Vanessa’s only appearance is saying “Oh my God,” in response to Dan’s bombshell.

Fast Forward Five Years

Nate flies his “Spectator” jet in town. Blair is busy on the phone bothering about samples while ordering the help around in a beautifully decorated home. Cyrus is talking to Chuck Bass Jr. about being 5 years old (they didn’t waste anytime) before Chuck scoops him up in the air! Such a good Daddy! Lily walks down the stairs with Eric arm-in-arm. They pass up Little J who is on her way up stairs to help Serena (you can guess with what by now). Rufus and his new boo come in and sit. Lily says hello to Rufus and sits next to William,who is sitting next to Georgina and Jack (yeah! They’re together now!). Dan comes out of the back wearing a very “Dan” tuxedo. And there she is: Serena standing at the top of the stairs in a striking metallic gold wedding gown with a white, billowy bottom. The End. (At least for this generation. Before the show cuts to credits, Gossip Girl emerges again as another outsider looking to write his way in). xOxO…