January 26, 2015

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86-Year-Old Woman Lives Life of Luxury on Cruise Ship!

Lee Wachtstetter, 86, sold her home …to live on a cruise ship? That’s right! Wachestetter sold her five-bedroom Ft. Lauderdale home (that occupies 10 acres of high-value land) to permanently live aboard the Crystal Serenity luxury cruise ship. Crystal Serenity has been around for eleven years, and Lee has occupied about seven of those eleven years on the cruise ship. Her love for cruise ships ...

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Jan 20, 2015 0

Mardi Gras at Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach has become the ultimate coastal playground, and not just for the sun and sand! This February, families and friends are flocking to Panama City Beach for a different reason..┬áThe annual Panama City Beach Mardi Gras & Music Festival offers up entertainment, live music and even parades like the ones you’d expect to see on the streets of the big easy! In fact, ...

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Convicted Baby Killer Executed With a Controversial Drug

Following a botched lethal injection that occurred last April, convicted killer, Charles Frederick Warner, 47, was executed in Oklahoma on Thursday using a three-drug method. His final words were “my body is on fire” Warner was given the death penalty for killing his roommate’s infant daughter in 1997. Before his execution, Warner apologized to his family for any suffering they may have endured due to ...

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Toddlers, Left Home Alone, Die in Fire While Mother Gets Hair Done

Two toddlers in Bastrop, Louisiana died Monday evening in a house fire after their mother left them home alone to go to the salon.   The toddlers, identified as Ta’shae Thompson Johnson, 4, and Clifton Thompson Johnson, 3, were left alone for hours while the mother, Ciarria Johnson, 21, got her hair done at the salon.   Johnson told investigators that she made arrangements with ...

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Sheriff’s Office Rugs Feature the Phrase ‘In Dog We Trust’

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office located in Florida has a bone to pick with a rug manufacturing company, called American Floor Mats, for sending them official rugs with a major misprint. Instead of the rugs featuring the tried and true phrase, “In God We Trust,” the rugs feature the phrase “In Dog We Trust,” within the black and yellow Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office logo displayed ...

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Man Trapped in Body for 12 Years

How would you feel if you were consciously aware of everything going on around you, but unable to physically or verbally express your thoughts and feelings?   Martin Pistorious, a man from South Africa who developed what is known as “total locked-in syndrome” after waking up from a coma, spent 12 years trapped inside his own body. Pistorious was forced to watch “Barney” reruns every ...

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Girlfriend of Charlie Hebdo’s Editor Told to Not Attend Funeral

Jeannette Bougrab, the heartbroken woman who claims she dated the slain editor of Charlie Hebdo magazine, Stephane Charbonnier better known as Charb, has agreed to not attend Charb’s funeral per his family’s request.   Bougrab, 41, a former junior minister of the French government, claims she and Charb were involved for three years, but Charb’s family “formally denies any committed relationship between Charb and Jeanette ...

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Dec 12, 2014 1

Fun for Adults on the Disney Dream

Our own Jessica Reyes set sail aboard the Disney Dream and she explored how adults can have fun too aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships! Book your trip today at DisneyCruise.com. ...

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Dec 5, 2014 0

Portland State Player Commits Basketball Sin and Steals Ball

Portland had a 14-point lead on Portland State and opted to just dribble out the clock. Everyone went around shaking hands, admitting that the game was over. As Portland’s Alec Wintering dribbled out the clock, Portland State’s Bryce White went up to him offering his hand; however, with Wintering’s guard dropped, White smacked the ball out of his hand and went in for an unsuspected ...

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Dec 4, 2014 0

A Century of Beauty Captured in One Minute!

Mike Gaston and his Seattle-based production team decided to showcase 100 years of beauty in an incredible video going viral this morning. Starting with 1910 and moving toward 2010, the video encompasses the most popular, stunning, and recurring looks of the decades. Gaston also says that this video is the first in a series he plans to develop, and next up is a video of ...

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