August 23, 2014

Review Category : Seen on theDBZ

Aug 19, 2014 0

The Great PB&J Showdown 2014: Only on the DBZ

Jared shows us how it’s done by crafting the very best PB&J sandwich possible on Back-to-School week. But will it stand the taste-test versus Kristen or Jess’s creation? Our camera guys will be the judge! Who do you think will win the great PB&J Showdown of 2014? ...

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Aug 15, 2014 0

The DBZ Hosts Take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Looks like the DBZ hosts received DOUBLE the dares for the the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and they weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to support a worthwhile cause. Watch them get soaked… and then pass the challenge to someone else. Who’s it going to be? Tune in to find out! ...

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Move Over Grumpy Cat: This Feline Holds a Family Hostage!

A woman and her adult daughter were held hostage by their family pet in Chula Vista, California earlier this week. The cat, named Cuppy, would pounce, swat, and attack them any time they tried to move around him. Desperate, they called 911 to report the feline fury and police responded. The cat eventually walked out on his own, leaving a shredded nightgown and spawning the ...

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