November 23, 2014

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Girl Pretends to be Drunk In Public, The Results are Shocking!

It would seem that the viral “cat-calling” video has launched a new campaign of women showcasing what they experience on the streets. Today’s video is no different. In an effort to see how guys would react, a girl pretends to be drunk and looking for help. The results are …disappointing. The recent trend of social experimenting videos has brought up a lot of concern for ...

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Wayne Brady Opens Up About His Struggles With Depression

Host of  “Let’s Make a Deal” and a comedic force on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway,” Wayne Brady is known as a happy and cheerful guy. Recently he sat down with Entertainment Tonight‘s, Nischelle Turner, to fully disclose the issues that plague him and how it all lead to a diagnosis of depression. “People are like, ‘Wayne Brady is always happy.’  No, no I’m not, because I’m ...

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10 Hours of Harassment in the Streets of NYC

In the streets of any city, women face the “Catcalls” of men. In the streets of the heavily populated New York City catcalls are twice as common.   One woman, Shoshana B Roberts, was so offended by the constant bombardments and approach attempts from men, that she agreed to film the encounters for a total of 10 hours! Hollaback, the activist group responsible for the filming,  complied ...

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Avengers Trailer Is Here!

Hydra may be more of a friend to fans than an enemy. Yesterday, Marvel’s Age of Ultron trailer was leaked ! Who do they blame… HYDRA! Marvel decided to jump in front of HYDRA’s attempt to bring down the Avengers and released the trailer an entire week before it was due.   I have personally decided to dedicate my life to HYDRA… granted they continue ...

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Officers In Queens Attacked With Hatchet!

The dangers of the streets of New York are well known, and yesterday on October 23rd the streets of Queens gave more truth to that fact.   32-year-old Teachers College, Columbia University in New York graduate, Zale Thompson, a man believed to be a Muslim suspected but uncertain connection to a terrorist group, wildly swung his hatchet on a group of New York Officers.   ...

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